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Helpful Tips
Get the most from your homecare experience with AAY.

  • Talk to us honestly and openly about your goals.  We won’t get there if we don’t now where we’re going.
  • Tell us about your likes and dislikes; if we don’t know what you want, we might not be able to provide it.
  • Work with our nurses and Director of Consumer Services and agree on a plan to keep you healthy and safely at home.  With the help of your physician, we will develop a care plan that works for you.
  • Get to know your personal care or home health aide; the better the relationship is, the better your homecare will be.
  • All consumers and every household have their preferred ways of  cooking meals or cleaning the house; if you are clear about your expectations, and how you like things done, we are much more likely to meet them.
  • AAY will talk with you about your rights and responsibilities.  Exercise them.

Get the most from your homecare experience.

Do I or a Loved One Need Home Care?

Significant life changes may be signs that you or a loved one may need the help and support of a home care services agency:

  • Changes in your health
    • Forgetting to take your medicatio, or confusion over which medications to take when
    • Being Recently diagnosed with a chronic disease or illness
    • New physical problems, such as a stroke
  • Changes in your outlook on life
    • Not understanding others or frequently forgetting things
    • Getting disorientated, losing your way
    • Becoming anxious or depressed
    • Feeling confused, sad or alone
  • Changes in your ability to cope
    • Inability to handle every-day tasks like handling money, making decisions, using the phone
    • Recent loss of family supports, informal supports, a spouse or other caregiver
  • Changes in your ability to care for yourself
    • Difficulty with cooking, cleaning, laundry
    • Difficulty walking
    • Inability to prepare proper meals
    • Problems with personal grooming

Any of these may be signs that you or a loved one may need home care. Please feel free to contact us if you think you may be in need of nursing or aide services.